Cleaning Products for Industrial & Institutional Purposes


Green Galaxy offers the Galaxy line of cleaners and degreasers which are comprehensive benchmark of sustainable cleaning and has proven to be the world most advanced solution for industrial and institutional use.

Powered by the love of nature and extensive research, our chemicals are breakthrough formula designed for efficiency and versatility using sustainable organic ingredients.

As a certified and reputable company, the galaxy line of products is available in ultra-concentrated form to meet the eco-friendly industry demand and worldwide campaign.

For exterior wash-down, interior cleaning and maintenance of terminals in the aviation industry, our breakthrough formula cleans and degreases without corrosive chemicals.  These cleaners combine high soil capacity, superior grease-cutting ability and clean rinsing formula to provide deep, effective and high precision cleaning.  The absence of oxidizing reagents prevents rust and corrosion, making it ideal for maintaining structural metals, hoses, seals and aircraft finishes.




In our bid to make the world a safer place, and besides our wide range of industrial chemicals, We extending our tentacles by create our line of cosmetic product based on extensive research. Green Galaxy employs a human-centri approach in the formulation of antibacterial creams and disinfectants that are safe for human health. And there's more still coming...


We are committed to making mother earth a safe habitation, for this reason we remain pedal-on in the production of environmentally safe chemicals and solutions that can be used in different fields.

We invite you to join our mission,” safely cleaning mother earth,” by using our high-performance eco-friendly products.

Chemical Plant


The demand of high performance cleaning chemicals and fluids in the rail industry is on the high and we knew it. Green Galaxy expend extra-effort in the formulation of disinfectants, cleaners, lubricants and solvents, all tailored to the rail industry requirements. For surface, floor, seat, roof, internal and external cleaning, you can trust the Galaxy line to deliver.


Our industry range of products caters for cleaning and maintenance manufacturing properties. These formulations are 100% guaranteed free of dangerous additives and toxic chemical and are best-in-class for day-to-day industrial purposes. For any part or surface, we’ve designed befitting cleaners, degreasers, lubricants and specialty chemicals that are equally safe as effective.